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Yes. PermaSafe SHIELD™ bonds to and is effective on, virtually any surface, whether it’s porous, nonporous, hard, soft, solid or fabric/upholstery. This is an important benefit of PermaSafe as standard disinfectants are, by federal law, only approved for use on hard, non-porous surfaces.

The PermaSafe System is not a replacement for routine cleaning. In fact, routine cleaning is recommended to keep it effective, as the antimicrobial surface is very thin and too much dirt or other contaminant build-up can cover the spike like appliances and render them less effective until they are cleaned.

No. Normal cleaning will not harm or remove the top coat of PermaSafe SHIELD.™ It is, however, important to note that sanding, or scrubbing PermaSafe SHIELD™ treated surfaces with abrasive cleaners, will partially remove it, requiring spot reapplication to regain effectiveness.

The differences between the PermaSafe System and ALL other antimicrobial treatments are many. However, the key difference is the perpetual antimicrobial control our system provides because of PermaSafe SHIELD, the final product applied during a PermaSafe System installation.

Conventional disinfectants and antimicrobials kill microorganisms by poisoning them with chemicals. Due to their toxicity, they are designed to act quickly and dissipate quickly to avoid adverse effects to humans and animals. Unfortunately, as soon as such disinfectants evaporate, so does their antimicrobial capabilities, enabling germs to return almost immediately. In short, conventional disinfectants work, but only short term, and with toxic compounds.

Like conventional antimicrobials, the PermaSafe System includes an effective, immediate initial microbial kill. However, this is where the similarities end, as unlike the others, PermaSafe SHIELD™ eliminates and controls microbes perpetually.

And even more uniquely, it does so through a purely physical process, without the use of any harmful chemicals, though it’s unique, patented surface modifying technology.

We’re so glad you asked! More than just a unique antimicrobial, PermaSafe SHIELD is also a highly durable surface protectant that repels liquids, making treated areas resistant to stains and easy to clean, while protecting interior upholstery, fabric and carpet from fading, degradation, and discoloration. The PermaSafe System also effectively eliminates odors, such as those caused by bacteria, tobacco smoke, pet urine and other problem sources – and does so without perfumes.

PermaSafe’s EPA registered products are professionally applied with specialized electrostatic equipment that atomizes and electrostatically charges the solution, allowing it to magnetically attract to surfaces, enabling complete 360° coverage of every surface.

The treatment does not dissipate over time. It does not volatilize (give off gasses or chemicals into the air), it is insoluble (it won’t wash off), and it doesn’t leach (move through other materials by any one of a number of physical processes). Also, it is not absorbed or consumed (eaten) by the microbes.

The result is that the antimicrobial surface does not lose its antimicrobial activity over time. In theory, it should last forever. In practice it does not. For instance, if a surface is scratched or scrubbed with an abrasive. it’s possible to cut through the protective shield, leaving that particular scratch or area vulnerable to microbes.

We recommend re-treatment of your surfaces every 6 months – flooring every 3 months.

YES, you heard that right! Up to 6 months of germ-free, bacteria-free, virus-free surfaces!

No more damage to you surfaces using toxic disinfectants over and over, all day, day after day. More importantly, no more exposure to toxic chemicals.

How safe is PermaSafe?

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